Thursday, April 15, 2010

Poster of Chez Panisse by David Lance Goines

Chez Panisse is a Berkeley, California restaurant that is known for jump-starting the whole local and seasonal food trend. What is perhaps less well known is their amazing graphic identity.

David Lance Goines, an illustrator, has enjoyed a friendship with the restaurateur Alice Waters, the co-founder of the restaurant, since they were both teenagers. Every year Goines creates a Chez Panisse anniversary poster and has illustrated many Chez Panisse cookbooks.

I was first introduced to these posters by my mom, who has this one hanging in our kitchen.

This poster is totally cemented into my brain as a symbol of my childhood home. It's been up there as long as I can remember. I even drew it into a scale model of the kitchen that I created for a 10th grade geometry project.

A few years ago, a weekly planner was published with the work of Goines for Chez Panisse, and my mom asked me to pick one up for her at Kitchen Arts and Letters, a Manhattan bookstore that specializes in food-related books. I was glad to oblige and was amazed to see the more of the work that Goines did. He used a distinct style that you can spot right away.

I like the idea of having the same illustrator create a new poster every year to commemerate the restaurant's anniversary. Great way to celebrate if you ask me!


Adam Kitzmiller said...

Grew up with Goines' prints in the home as well. Only a couple have survived all the moving house. The one at the top, "Le Matin", survived the best and still hangs in their kitchen.

paper airplane design said...

Adam, I guess it was a popular kitchen decor choice!