Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fort Washington Library Children's Room

Last week, I wandered into the children's room at the Fort Washington branch of the New York public library. The adult room downstairs is on the older side, with dark brown wooden bookshelves and a few computers. But when I climbed the stairs to the children's room, I literally stopped and went "oooohhh!"

Here's the view as you walk up the stairs:

(The picture inside is the library itself)

Then, turning the corner:

Each amazing lampshade has black and white silhouette's of children and animals playing. But since the shade are so gigantic, there are images printed on the inside as well! They mostly chose pictures and old maps of New York.

This is is really a gem of a room, hidden way uptown in a neighborhood of Dominican immigrants. The pictures don't show it, but there are also mini couches and colorful rugs to curl up on. Hopefully, it will encourage parents and kids to spend some quality time together reading there!


Anonymous said...

This really is great! Thanks so much for sharing! I'd love to have you link up to something you've created at my weekly blog linking party, every Sunday thru Tuesday! Hope to see you there! all the best, Sara

paper airplane design said...

Thanks Sara! I checked out your blog party - if I actually get around to doing any crafting, I will certainly send the link your way!