Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have been experimenting with a new medium - collages. I am interested in exploring how different materials and textures come together. Obviously, you can make very intricate layered piece in Photoshop, but I want to pick up the scissors and glue and see what happens.

Artists have done some amazing things with collage:

Cut-and-pasted paper and printed paper, charcoal, ink, and chalk on colored paper on board. Picasso 1913.

Picasso did used a lot of musical themes in his collages - guitars and sheet music. Picasso used wires and glass, and all kinds of paper.

Pamela Johnson
Mixed Media Collage With Silver Leaf
(I couldn't find a year on this piece - but she is a current artist)

So far, I have been fairly happy with my results. But my collages are a lot more simple than this, working more with patterns and colors than layers.
I hope to post some collaged mini cards in my etsy shop soon.

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